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Who We Serve

Trigon Cyber, Inc. (TCI) is proud to serve our clients with integrity and care across many industries and disciplines.
& Defense
Our specialists have proven success in developing innovative, customized solutions while remaining compliant with all applicable National, Department of Defense (DoD), Service / Agency-level requirements, regulations, and processes.
Biotech Companies
Biotechnology is a fast-moving innovation space. To thrive, your systems must be equally agile. Our collaborative method for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) can reduce complexity, harness the power of data, and ensure your business is structured for growth.
Health Services
Every hospital system is as unique as the patients who rely on it. At Trigon Cyber, we develop customized digital engineering solutions to integrate diverse data sources and systems, uncovering innovative pathways to serve your patients and partners.
Academic Research
Our research partnerships with prestigious institutions and industry leaders, include projects where we have jointly researched and explored groundbreaking ideas and developed solutions that address real-world challenges.
Investor Opportunities
The Investor Relations section will serve as a central hub for potential investors, offering insights into investment opportunities, technological advancements, and corporate financial information.