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Digital Engineering

We Can Implement Your Vision
Trigon Cyber helps DoD organizations prototype and refine digital engineering methods to capture data and structure design in a digitized environment. For example, we can integrate MBSE model/repository sources of truth into specific aspects of acquisition management such as configuration item management, RFP development, and more.


  • Advanced System Modeling and Simulation: Creating detailed models of systems to simulate real-world scenarios and performance.

  • Integrated Lifecycle Management: Managing the entire lifecycle of system products, from design to decommissioning, using digital tools.

  • Virtual Testing and Validation: Using virtual environments to test and validate systems, reducing the need for costly physical prototypes.

  • Data-Driven Design and Decision-Making: Leveraging data analytics to inform design choices and strategic decisions.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Implementing AI and ML algorithms for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and system optimization.

  • Digital Twin Technology: Creating digital twins of physical assets for real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization.

  • System Engineering Cybersecurity: Ensuring the security of digital systems and data in system applications.

  • Collaborative Engineering Environments: Facilitating collaboration among global teams through shared digital platforms.

  • Interoperability and Standards Compliance: Ensuring systems comply with industry standards and can operate seamlessly with other platforms.


  • Authoritative Source of Truth

  • Real-time Incorporation of Technologies
  • More Effective Acquisition Management


Formalize Development, Integration, and Use of Models
Provide an Authoritative Source of Truth
Incorporate Technological Innovation
Establish Infrastructure and Environments
Transform Culture & Workforce