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Innovation Is Our Why and Our How

We bring people-powered creative thinking to life within agile project approaches, creating a culture that drives innovative solutions.

That leads to faster, better results for partners across the full spectrum of engineering and information technology (IT) services. Like the early Polynesians to whom our logo gives tribute, Trigon Cyber embodies exploration and discovery. By harnessing the power of innovation, we uncover new possibilities that propel our world into the future.

About Trigon Cyber®

Welcome to Trigon Cyber, Inc.®, where our journey into the future of technology and human advancement begins with a nod to the past. Here, innovation meets tradition, as we draw inspiration from the fearless spirit of Polynesian navigators and explorers, charting new territories in the digital realm across engineering, science, and information technology domains. At Trigon Cyber®, we not only strive to create solutions, but we are dedicated to pioneering paths to safer, smarter, and more efficient technological horizons. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of information technology, engineering, and science, guided by our heritage, and fueled by our passion for excellence. Welcome aboard!

Who We Serve

We support organizations looking to reach new heights through collaboration and ingenuity including Army, Air Force, MDA, Army Corps of Engineers, Biotech and Healthcare, Academic and Research Institutions.
& Defense
Academic Research

About Our Team

At Trigon Cyber®, we are committed to achieving the results you need. Our team brings people-powered creative thinking to life within agile project approaches, creating a culture that drives innovative solutions. We think differently about complex problems, harnessing the power of innovation to uncover new solutions and achieve greater results.

Trigon Cyber is a minority owned, small business located in Huntsville, AL.

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Our Values

Integrity   |  Excellence  |   Learning  |  Community  | Teamwork  |   Balance

Origin of Our Name

Trigon, an archaic term simply meaning “triangle,” embodies our company’s essence. Our logo’s three triangles symbolize Polynesian sails, commonly depicted as inverted triangles on catamarans, paying homage to the Polynesian Triangle. This design honors our founder Scott Williams’ Polynesian heritage and the collaborative partnership of Faith Williams, Heather Schonrock, and Ryan Black, which forms the core and vision of Trigon Cyber, Inc.

Inspired by the spirit of the innovative explorers who discovered and settled across the Polynesian Triangle, our tagline, “Harnessing the Power of Innovation,” defines our vision. We aim to incorporate innovation in all aspects of our company, from technology development to recruitment, worker well-being, customer relations, and more.

Our use of the term “cyber” encompasses everything digital, electronic, and the convergence of IT and operational technology (OT), including embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). In our perspective, “cyber” represents all futuristic aspects that help us realize our commitment to “Harnessing the Power of Innovation.”